Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado

Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado

PhD student

University of Granada

Wenceslao Arroyo Machado is PhD student in Information and Communication Technologies, supported by a FPU predoctoral fellowship at the Department of Information and Communication of the University of Granada (UGR). He holds a degree in Information and Documentation and a master’s degree in Data Science and Computer Engineering (UGR). He has worked as a researcher in the project Knowmetrics - evaluation of knowledge in the digital society funded by the BBVA Foundation and as technical support staff in Medialab UGR. His works focus on scientometrics and other areas derived related to the new paradigm of altmetrics and data science.


  • Data science
  • Altmetrics
  • Social Network Analysis


  • Degree in Information and Documentation, 2017

    University of Granada

  • Master's Degree in Data Science and Computer Engineering, 2018

    University of Granada






Data science







Habilidades e Instrumentos para las Ciencias Sociales

Universidad de Granada

Sep 2021 – Dec 2021 Granada

5.5 ECTS credits



Recursos Informativos para la Traducción e Interpretación

Universidad de Granada

Nov 2020 – Jan 2021 Granada
3 ECTS credits

Habilidades e Instrumentos para las Ciencias Sociales

Universidad de Granada

Sep 2020 – Nov 2020 Granada
3 ECTS credits



Altmetric project funded by scientific research team grants from the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain.

Knowmetrics: Knowledge measurement in the digital society

The project combining theoretical propositions with applied developments via the ‘Knowmetrics’ web platform, which constitutes the nucleus of the project and its communication plan.

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Mapeando la ciencia con VOSviewer

Curso sobre cómo realizar mapas de la ciencia con la herramienta gratuita VOSviewer.

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